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Toner Cartridges

Posted by candaink.com on 6/8/2014
Toner Cartridges

The first laser printer was developed by Xerox in 1978 called 9700 laser printer and it was capable of printing 120 pages per minute. However, this laser printer model was bulky and carries a very hefty price tag.
In the 1980’s, personal computers have already gained popularity for home and business use. However, desktop publishing required good quality images and text that these printers were unable to provide. So, in 1984, Hewlett Packard started developing the “Laser jet” printer which is capable of printing 8 pages per minute and provides better quality images and text. The unit comes in with an “all-in-one” toner cartridge which the operator or user can change should it required to be replaced but it still carry a hefty price tag.

The “all-in-one” idea was so great that it started to fill up dumpsters with empty toner cartridges, causing environmental concerns and problems. By 1986, the Americans had developed toner cartridge re-manufacturing where toners were recycled through refilling. This ingenuity has saved catastrophic environmental problems caused by empty cartridges and has lowered the printing cost.

Here are some tips for Toner Cartridges:

·        Store your toner cartridges at normal room temperature.

·        If the toner is empty, place it in a plastic bag to avoid drying out and if possible, place it in a box as well.

·        Do not attempt to dismantle or open your cartridge. There are light sensitive materials inside which could get damaged.

·        Avoid leaving your cartridges in the car even if the weather is cloudy because your car can trap heat which will damage your cartridge.

·        Refill you empty cartridges as soon as possible to avoid any accidental damage to your cartridges.