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    What do our Customers say:
    • I want to thank you. Not only are your prices incredibly competitive, but your service is reliably fast - even to my post office box. You had my order processed and delivered within 2 days! Unbelievable!! Please expect me to brag about your great on-line company that cuts the costs of printing ink by 75% AND gives me reliable, trustworthy and quick service!

       Thank you.


    • Hello Canada ink,
      I want to thank you for your quick response and the shipping of my missing S020191 cartridges. I do fully understand that mistakes can and do happen. Thanks too, for sending the extra cartridge. You have went above and beyond what was necessary to solve my problem. I will continue to buy my printer accessories from you. And will always recommend you to others needing printer supplies. Looking forward to doing business again.
      Kim westbank okanagan 

    • Hi Jay The COLOR Cartridge arrived Monday morning and my Newsletter was mailed out Monday evening. I truly appreciate YOUR prompt response to my problem andam always happy to recommend the quality, cost and both the initial AND follow-up Service which I have received from Canadaink.com and (most especially) you as the Company Representative.
      Thanks again and Best Wishes

      Vivian Cress Whistler BC

    • Jay - Happy to find your company- I received my order today after ordering yesterday and shipping overnight -very efficient on Canadaink.com's part. I am pleased with my order and the time. I will continue to order through your company.

      C. Adams Coquitlam 

    • Great customer Service, great prices and FAST delivery (it arrived on Friday or possibly Thursday!). I'll be back again and I'll refer wherever I have an opportunity.

      Thanks, Brendan Toronto
    • Dear Jay:
      I received the jet ink cartridges today in the mail. Thank you so much. I was very apprehensive about buying ink cartridges over the Internet, for fear of inferior products. I am happy to say that the ink cartridges bought from you were great. Please expect future purchases.
      Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving!
      Deborah Baratz Vancouver

    • I was on ink fumes when my first inkjet cartridge order arrived. I immediately plopped in a black cartridge, hoping that the quality would be there (bad previous experience with internet cartridge purchases). Bingo! The printing was crisp and very black. I'm extremely pleased so far. You see, I am a published professional music composer and orchestra arranger and I require good Service and print quality when I submit a piece for publication. A lot of graphics are required, therefore a lot of ink is used.
      My order arrived in a timely manner and the quality appears to be great! Thank you very much! Very best regards!
      Bill Burnaby BC

    • Just to let you know I received the replacement cartridge and thank you very much for taking care of this for me. Am pleased at the quick response and action.
      Thanks again,
      Yvonne P. 
      Nova Scotia
    • I ordered ink from you lest than 10 days ago from St. Lucia West Indies and imagine my pleasant surprise when my husband told me that a package had arrived for me. Now I cannot wait for my ink to finish so that I can check the quality of yours. Thank you so much for the prompt Service.
      Vera Brice H.
      West Vancouver

    • Hello Jay,
      Thank you, thank you very much. I receive the ink cartridges today and I am very happy with them. Thank you for being so kind to send them for the third time. and be sure I will shop again at Canadaink.com and I will tell all my friends about Canadaink.com.

      Thank you,

      Best Regards,
      Arlène Cristina
      Langley BC

    • Wow! A response the very next day. You guys are wonderful! Thanks again. I work with a huge group of people and will send them all a link for your site. Have a great day!

      STEPHENIE A. saskatoon 

    • Excellent, My order was here on the second day! I ordered on Tuesday and received my merchandise on Friday . I couldn't ask for better Service. The Quality is excellent also. The Black is really black!
      Holly B Jones, Edmonton 

    • Thank you for your reply I did get my ink and liked it very much it came just in time I will call you anytime I need your products and again, I thank you.

      Winston Mayes North Vancouver

    • Hey Jay thanks again 4 a quick response in getting my order out quick. Thanks again.
      Jay C. Brooks Kamloops BC

    • I have referred many people to your site! They all love the ability to get better prices! Thank you so much for your wonderful Service! I appreciate it greatly!

      Deana Mortar, Ottawa 

    • I received my ink refill kit today. Boy, that was fast! I wasn't quite sure I believed you when you said that it would be easy to refill my ink cartridge. But you were absolutely right! I refilled my cartridge in a matter of minutes and immediately printed Birthday cards. Thank you so much! I'm going to tell all of my friends about your company!!!

      Toshta Behoove, BC, Canada

    • I was at first uncertain buying a non Epson cartridge, but I read about your 100% guarantee and decided to give Canadaink.com a shot. I am very pleased with the result. I saved $38.00 and got my order in 3 days! The colors are correct and prints beautifully! Thanks Canadaink.com!

      Dan Wale, Manitoba

    • It was easy to understand and find the product for my canon printer. I like the price!! It is so expensive in the store for ink, I always limited my family how much printing they could do.

      Walis Vancouver island 

    • After my daughter told me about your Services, I tried you. This is my second order and my entire family is buying their ink from you now. The time and money savings are wonderful.


    • Canadaink.comhas an outstanding product for my printer, their prices are great, their shipping is first class at no cost if I order over $50, and they notify me if they ever run sales on their discounted prices on the products I use. After my first order with Canadaink.com, I don't even bother looking around anywhere else.
      Farzad Aboni, 
    • I'm very happy. The delivery was on time as promised and the cartridges work great. Thanks.
      Juno G., WA, USA

    • This order was my first from Canadaink.com. The products I ordered were delivered very quickly as promised and the prices were unreal! Thanks!
      Mike A., Toronto

    • Canadaink.com is the best kept secret of the Web. I wish I would've known about this sooner because it definitely would have saved me hundreds of dollars on ink.

      Bobby D. Solo, Calgary

    • Speedy order approval and delivery. Great prices. A wonderful company!
      Nancy H., Ontario, Canada

    • You'll save about more than 50% of the cost of new ink cartridges, that in it self is reason to use Canadaink.com. The ease of ordering is another.


    • Hi Jay,
      I am retired and on a limited budget which is why I am a repeat customer. The other reason is your fine customer Service and prompt delivery.
      I thank you for your attention regarding this matter. Incidentally, the
      Lexmark refills are for my son-in-law, who, hopefully, will examine the benefits of switching as I have been "telling him to do". Best Regards and thank you again

      Vivian C.

    • I ordered my ink on Friday, thinking it would arrive next week around Wednesday at the earliest. To my surprise, the ink was delivered early on the Monday following the date that I ordered it. And just in time, too..... we were completely out and my daughter had to complete her end of the year project for school. Canadaink.com helped us make it possible to close her school year's work with success! Also, I was able to purchase six cartridges of ink with the monthly special -- for the same price I could only purchase around 2-3 at the stores I previously went to get these supplies.
      Mathew Giovanni, Vancouver

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